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Private thoughts and an owl

So. This Muggleborn-influenced climate of pairing everyone up in male-female pairs regardless of preference seems to be here to stay. Maybe I could just play the game for a little while - go around, or pretend to go around, with some sweet, maybe gay or bisexual girly boy for a while, keep Mother happy and get the disapproving eyes of the Crouches and their ilk away from my family.

I mean, it's not as if I have to start rutting with males and enjoying it, is it? I could never do THAT. EW. But just to cultivate a close friendship with a boy that could fuel rumours that I have a boyfriend, while I continue to pursue the girl or woman of my dreams? EVELINE!!! I could do that.

The obvious choice would be Jason Travers or Caleb Macnair. But they're too wrapped up in each other for my scheme to be convincing. Who else maybe...

... wait a minute. No. But yes...

... Malfoy???...

Okay. So he's an arrogant prat sometimes. And he does tease something awful. But I'm sure he'll outgrow that. I remember his Halloween costume from last year. He can do the "girly" thing as well as the dandy masculine thing. And I'm sure he wouldn't pressure me into doing anything sexual (anyone who tried would be hexed into the middle of next week!) He's got more honour than that, and besides he's seeing Walden. I'd be the perfect cover for them if anyone ever gave them grief about being together...

May not work - but it's worth at least a try.

Enclosed is a box of chocolates, a flask of blackcurrant juice, and some notes for the DADA class. The accompanying letter reads,


Sorry to hear you've caught the wretched Squibpox, and hope you get well soon. Here's some things for you - and if you need any more lesson notes, just let me know and I'll send them over.

Your friend,

Take care,
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