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Private Thoughts


Had a letter from Mother today, and the upshot of it is, she'd like to see me a little more interested in boys.

Oh, she's fine with the fact that I prefer girls, and she's not expecting me to SLEEP with boys - I'm far too young to sleep with anybody, anyhow - she'd just like to see me DATING them, maybe finding a nice gay boy and eventually having a marriage in name only, with the moral climate that's creeping into the Ministry these days... what I'm hearing is that my parents are being made nervous by the likes of the Crouches, who are obviously being influenced by the Muggleborns and the attitudes they're bringing into our world. Damn it, I wish my parents would make a stand for our pure-blood heritage. Even joining the Dark Lord would be better than sucking up to our sorry excuse for a Ministry of Magic.

GAH. I wish Bellatrix was here to talk to. I miss her.
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